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"Discover 3 secrets to skyrocketing your athleticism, limiting your risk of injury, and prolonging any players career." 

LIVE With Joseph Martinez 

Basketball Specialist | CEO and Co-Founder of OC Rain Basketball 
“If you’re afraid of fail then you’re probably going to fail. "
- Kobe Bryant 
At OC Rain Basketball Pro Training we transform your game and body to get the most out of your potential. 

Our full-service basketball specific elite skills and performance training provides custom tailored basketball-specific workouts geared towards each college or professional player’s athletic, nutritional, and basketball weaknesses.

There’s a huge problem facing the basketball training world today. Many players take the wrong approach when they’re looking to become stronger, faster, more explosive, and more skilled. They do countless repetitions in the weight room that’s killing their athleticism and taking away from their explosive ability.

The problem is that most basketball players don’t take a multi-faceted approach to performing better athletically and on the court. 

There’s not enough structure in their training plan—doing exercises that are not allowing the player to get the most out of their strengths. 

It’s common for players to workout for hours only to over-train themselves, and in return, their bodies aren’t programmed to execute the right movements on the court. They eat all the wrong food at all the wrong times, and that is also inhibiting their performance. 

Most college and pro players have many problems with their training regimen and they don’t dial into what they really want to get out of their basketball career. 

I don’t want you to be one of those players who do not get the most out of their potential. Not having a well-structured training plan is like driving without a steering wheel— you’ll eventually crash, get seriously injured, and you won’t have the skills and results you need. 

I don’t want you to be the one who could have had a chance to take their game to the next level, or that basketball player who does all the wrong things physiologically that hinders your body, not allowing you to get the most out of your athleticism and basketball skills. 

Most importantly, I don’t want you being one of those players who has to end your career early because you keep getting injured. 

Here is what we offer here at Pro Training brought to you by OC Rain Basketball. 

"Hard work beat talent, when talent doesn't work hard." 
- Kobe Bryant 
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Basketball Specific Performance Training  
We take a very serious and meticulous approach to basketball training here at OC Rain, and we expect all of our basketball players who come train with us to take the same approach of seriousness.

Athleticism and Functional Assessments
Functional movements are movements based on basketball situational biomechanics. They usually involve multi-planar, multi-joint movements, postural and place demand on the body's core musculature and innervation.

Basketball-specific movements, such as a jumping or lateral movement are based on sports-specific situations. 

While there is some crossover application from sports-specific movements (such as running), they’re usually so specific that they supersede functional movements in complexity. Yet both basketball and functional movements are dependent on the body's core.

Traditional weight lifting depends on muscle-specific program-design with the goal of muscle-specific hypertrophy. For example, a concentration biceps curl attempts to isolate the biceps brachii, although by gripping the weight, one also engages the wrist flexors. These exercises tend to be the most far-removed from functional movement, due to their attempt to micromanage the variables acting on the individual muscles. 

Basketball Functional exercises, on the other hand, attempt to incorporate as many variables as possible (balance, multiple joints, multiple planes of movement), thus decreasing the load on the muscle, but increasing the complexity of motor coordination and flexibility.

At OC Rain Basketball, we get started based on where the athlete is and how much they need to improve on their overall basketball specific function and athleticism. These tests are to ensure that the basketball player sees his results and improves his overall bodily function. 

Pre-habilitation - Prehab is a proactive approach to avoiding pain and injury. You’ll build strength and stability around your most vulnerable areas, while improving mobility, balance and joint function to decrease the potential for injuries.

Prehab exercises strengthen your most vulnerable areas that get stressed in everyday movement—your hips, core and shoulders. Also known as your “pillar,” strengthening these areas will improve posture and alignment, allowing your joints to move more efficiently. 

You’ll also build up your most injury-prone areas before you’re struck with chronic aches and pain. 

Sitting at a desk all day puts undue stress on your lower back and inevitably affects your core. After a long day on the job, it’s difficult, if not potentially harmful, to go out and do something that requires strength in your torso without first “waking it up.”

Lots of sitting also causes hips to become locked down and less mobile. The hips support the pelvis and have more musculature attached to them than any other joints in the body. We want to make sure your hips have exceptional mobility and stability so that they can keep your pelvis in alignment. Pre hab movements work on this area.
Basketball Specific Functional Movement Exercises 
Quickness and Agility
We perform exercises that are going to transfer over to the basketball court and ensure that the basketball player is strong in every facet of their game. Strength, explosion, quickness and agility, and flexibility. 

Strength enhancement in all planes of motion 

A majority of basketball players only work front to back movement plane-completely disregarding the vertical and lateral movement training. We work all range of motion.  
Sport Massage and Soft Tissue Maintenance 
Every player has experienced the harsh physical realities of a long season—fatigued legs, muscle strains, and sluggish movement. However, focusing on soft tissue quality can alleviate these problems.

Listed below are a few benefits of implementing a soft tissue treatment regimen as part of your training program.

Correcting muscle imbalances → Greater resistance to injury
Increasing joint range of motion → Improved strength, force production and injury prevention
Decreasing muscle soreness → Faster recovery
Increasing neuromuscular function → Improved muscle activation, strength, explosion, speed, agility, and quickness.

OC Rain Basketball offers soft tissue maintenance treatment to all basketball players.
Sport Massage and Soft Tissue Maintenance 
OC Rain Basketball offers soft tissue maintenance treatment to all basketball players.

Some other benefits of soft tissue treatment include:


Another benefit of soft tissue therapy is the improvement of circulation. This will enable the lifter to intake far more oxygen overall, resulting in a more consistent breathing pattern, and aiding in natural and smooth movements.

As a result of heavy training (which usually causes microscopic damage to the facial tissue and the muscle), consistent repairs need to be done. Repair is done by increasing blood flow, with the type of stroke and movement on the body, you are about to enhance the blood flow needed to repair damage. Consider revising this sentence. 

Soft tissue maintenance treatment will also have a great impact on the lymphatic and blood circulation, which will help the removal of waste from those areas, and will support food and oxygen supply. Triple-check this paragraph to make sure it makes sense. I made some edits. 


One of the things a lifter needs in order to achieve maximum performance is to exhibit a high level of flexibility. Soft tissue helps to actually stretch the muscle fiber, which helps to maintain and promote flexibility. Muscle tension is usually caused by high intensity training cycles and competitions, which could lead to several effects such as the disturbance of collagen scar tissue, and also the development of several adhesions.

These adhesions could cause the fascia, muscle and other tissues to stick together causing lack of flexibility and a possible injury.

Pain reduction

Overwork or injury could cause you to experience muscular pain in the body. Regardless of your skill level, pain does not allow anyone to perform at his or her best. However, with effective massage, you can deal with the pain quite easily.

Especially pertaining to pain, which is the result of physical activity and heavy training by athletes, these pains can be greatly eased with consistent massages.

Improves Sleep and Decreased Tension

Soft tissue is also able to help your muscles relax, erasing tensions from your body, and promoting better quantity and quality of sleep. It helps to locate potential trouble spots in the body before they degenerate, and it also helps to remove such micro-injuries. When it comes to sleep, there are two important aspects to consider: A quality sleep is not disturbed by tensions in the body that lead to discomfort while you sleep. Discomforts such as back pains, or pain in your muscles can greatly affect quality sleep, which will overall increase your time in the resting state. The second aspect of a good sleep is the quantity of the sleep.

Following a good soft tissue, tensions and micro injuries will be dealt with paving the way for quality sleep, which will overall increase your time is resting state. As a result of vigorous exercise and other physical activities, which could cause tiny muscle tears that lead to immune reaction, it’s highly recommended that you have regular soft tissue.

It’s truly worth investing in because it will help to maintain your bodily system functions at an optimal level. 

Customized Functional Nutritional Testing 
Functional nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all discipline. We are all unique, with our own genetic make-up, health history, lifestyle and emotional profile–therefore, we each require a customized strategy to achieve and sustain optimal health.

Functional medicine and functional nutrition, terms often used interchangeably, are becoming highly recognized as an effective approach to healing a variety of health issues and putting your body in a position to repair and gain muscle a lot more effectively. 

Elongate the longevity of your career.
Meal Prepping 
For athletes, eating on time and cooking are some of the biggest hassles when it comes to training. Pro Training provides meal preparation service for all our basketball players. 

This includes: 

Nutrient Breakdown 
When and what to eat 
Convenient healthy food
Saves time
6 meals a day
Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a revolutionary method of cold therapy involving 3 minutes of exposure to subzero temperatures ranging from -200°F to -300°F. This is not a medical procedure, but a surprisingly comfortable, non-invasive option for people seeking exceptional results.

During the three-minute treatment, the exposure to subzero temperatures causes the skin’s cold receptors to stimulate the nervous system. The body perceives this sudden and extreme cold to be a life-threatening situation and activates a chain of powerful survival mechanisms involving the body’s most crucial systems. 

Vasoconstriction occurs and blood is redirected from the skin to preserve the vital organs and maintain core temperature. When the patient re-enters a room-temperature environment, vasodilation occurs and the blood rushes back to the skin. Blood circulation is naturally stimulated and oxygenated blood is delivered to damaged tissue.

One survey carried out by the University of Alicante, which was recently published in their Journal of Human Sport and Exercise, revealed that post- exercise cryotherapy could improve isometric strength endurance compared to the control condition. The Welsh Rugby team has been using cryotherapy since 2011 with great success. According to former captain Sam Warburton, the therapy allows players to train an extra day a week. The benefits of cryotherapy for sports and injury recovery include the following:

Decreases injury recovery time by an estimated 50%
• Significantly improves psychological competitive edge
• Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
• Greatly improves muscle strength
• Increases on-the-field performance
• Allows you to intensify training schedules because of reduced recovery time
Improves joint function while inhibiting inflammation

The therapy helps your body recover from intense exercises by flushing your muscles and delivering nutrients and oxygen to them. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) improves muscular resistance to fatigue and increases muscles’ capacity to regenerate, which is proved to enhance muscle performance.

Cryotherapy has successfully been used across Europe and the U.S.A. to ease depression signs. The process is believed to trigger the release of endorphins and adrenaline into your blood stream. Release of endorphins has always been associated with decreased stress and low levels of both irritability and anxiety. 

Endorphins increase energy levels and will leave you euphoric for up to 8 hours. These “euphoric” endorphins normally increase quality of sleep.

As competitiveness and training sessions in sports become increasingly intense, we need to work even harder to keep our athletes healthy. Cryotherapy currently provides the best alternative for sports and injury recovery.

At OC Rain Basketball, we offer Cryotherapy treatment for all of our pro basketball players. 

Elite Basketball Skills Training 
We offer elite basketball skills training for all players who focus on the following: 

Position Specific Training 
Dynamic and Rhythmic Ball Handling Drills 
Read and react drills 
Off the dribble moves 
Shooting off the dribble and stationary 
State of the Art Facilities 
Momentous Training Facility 
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Functional Sports Performance 
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